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During the works, you can reach us via  Rue de Bouzanton.

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Equipment for Professional Kitchens

Appliances and supplies  for :

-    Restaurants
-    Caterers
-    Chip shops
-    Schools
-    Nursing Homes
-    Canteens
-    Food stores
-    Bakeries and pastrymakers
-    Pizzerias

Catalogues for the festive season:

Le Creuset
AFI (attention prix HTVA)

Kitchen and serving utensils for professionals and for domestic use by gastronomes:


- Cookware
- Serving items
- Cutlery
- Glassware
- White China
- Bar and Wine  equipment

    Refrigerators  and dishwashers for professional use

    Electrical appliances for kitchens

    Sizeable stock of small and large appliances
    Cost estimates are free of charge, we draw up computer assisted plans
    Full range of service for professional kitchens: From the design stage right through to after sales service.